gradually passed to the new generations

On the casual occasions they wear light Jewellery usually made of steel or plastic. Russian media promotes the wearing of all these kind of body Jewellery.Russia is famous for its latest styles, types and designs of Jewellery. All these kinds of stuffs are available in their markets in great variety which includes the square, triangular, rectangular, circular and oval shapes. The Jewellery worn is usually made of gold with the beads studded in them. They wear navels, tapers, plugs, nose rings, navel rings, nipple rings, barbell and tongue rings, earrings etc.

Among a large variety of Jewellery the body Jewellery is more popular among the people of Russia. They wear small rectangular or circular earrings along with a beautiful and delicate metallic chain. In their Jewellery they follow the elegance of the east and modernization of the west and by this blend they have beautified their ornaments in such a manner that their ornaments are now valued all over the world.The materials used in making Jewellery are mostly gold, diamond, silver, steel, enamel sometimes wood and glass. The beads are selected according to the choice of the buyer as well as it is seen that those beads must match with the outfit. The colors are golden, silver, brown and black, red, blue, green and etc. In Russia the industry of Jewellery is on heights and it is gradually making progress. China Wholesale Pump Castings The women as well as men love to wear Jewellery and its wearing on the occasion of wedding and birthdays is a part of their culture. In certain cases the materials are blended to produce a best amalgam.

First the media actress used to wear them but gradually it has become popular in common people also. Other types of Jewellery include the necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, labret, Monroe and lipsy loops. There are also titanium Jewellery, stainless steel Jewellery, organic body Jewellery, Acrylic Jewellery, stainless steel and gold plated Jewellery etc. The chains are also available in a variety of colors, styles and designs. The rich people in Russia wear the antique Jewellery which once belonged to their rulers and in other cases the antique Jewellery is gradually passed to the new generations of their forefathers. The variety of body Jewellery in Russia beats all other Jewellery markets in the world.

Another important feature of their Jewellery is that it follows the same taste as of the past rulers of their state. People are crazy after piercing their body and wearing these ornaments. Their Jewellery designs depict that it is a blend of east and west. Wearing of two or more earrings in one ear is also common among them.In Russia on occasions like wedding etc people prefer to wear heavy Jewellery which includes the long earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, bangles etc. The materials used to make the rings are usually silver but the married women prefer to wear that of gold. This type of Jewellery is popular among girls rather than the married women. The body Jewellery is sold like hot cakes there and their major export of Jewellery is also the body Jewellery.